Medical Resources By Vickie Davis

The Tennessee Vals, as an organization, does not recommend or endorse any of the entities listed below. This information is provided only as a resource. Please do your own research when choosing a doctor or health care facility. To verify the license of most healthcare professionals in Tennessee, you can visit the Tennessee Department of [...]

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“Trans Support Groups” by Matt Kailey

A few years ago I read these pages and loved them. I saved them as documents in my Google Drive. I reread them today and they are still great, and I decided to share them on our site.? Matt Kailey died in 2014 and soon his?Tranifesto.com site went away, but is still around at mattkailey.wordpress.com, [...]

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SRS Doctors in the US

I made a short list a while back for someone in our group.?I am sure there others, but this will be a good place to start. They are in no particular order. Let me know what you think?? ? Vickie   Dr. Marci Bowers in Burlingame, CA http://marcibowers.com/ Dr. Christine McGinn in New Hope, PA [...]

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