Standards of Conduct

We want our meetings and events to be as welcoming and stress-free as possible. In order to create and maintain a comfortable and safe environment, members of our group are expected to strictly adhere to the following code of ethics.

No member should reveal the location of general meetings unless authorized to do so by the Board of Directors. If asked for such information, a member should direct the inquirer to the organization’s address (P.O. Box 331006, Nashville, TN 37203-7507) or phone number (615-664-6883).

No member should make false, misleading, or malicious statements about the organization or its members in any public or private forum or to the media.

It is expected that each member will respect the identity and confidentiality of all other members. However, members can divulge whatever information about themselves they deem pertinent.

If a member obtains personal information about another member, either directly or indirectly, this information is not to be divulged to others without the expressed permission of the person in question.

If a member obtains a phone number of another member, that person is expected to respect the other person’s schedule and use whatever name is appropriate.

Upon meeting another person in a public situation, respect of that other person’s confidentiality is to be expected. The best policy is never to accost another member outside a meeting unless some prior understanding exists.

Members are expected to conduct themselves with decorum. Lewd, obscene, intoxicated, demanding, threatening, or embarrassing behavior will not be tolerated, and anyone who behaves inappropriately will be asked to leave.

The Tennessee Vals is not a dating service. Members shall refrain from making romantic advances toward other attendees of our meetings at the meeting sites. Any romances or other interactions that take place between members outside of our meetings is between the members in question.

No alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco use is permitted during meetings. Smokers may smoke outside of the meeting site.

If presenters wish not to be listed, their wishes shall be respected, and no listing or referral of those presenters shall be made by members to non-members.

For more information please contact the Membership Director.